Have I Been Tested App

  • Searches for common concerns.

    Anemia, thyroid, cholesterol …

  • When was I last tested?

    List of all the times you have been tested including when and where.

  • How can I get tested?

    Links to how to get tested without a doctor’s prescription.

  • Have questions about tests?

    Links to on demand video visits providers if you have questions.

Do you get your health care at Cleveland Clinic, MedStar Health, Intermountain, or any of these?

Then you can know what you have been tested for once you connect your records in Apple Health.


Connect your records to Apple Health App

It’s easy, secure, and all you need you need is your patient portal username and password.


Connect the Tested App to your records

We use the information on your phone with the Apple Health App to search through your records for common tests.


Start to understand what you have been tested for and when.

Figure out what: “Your blood work looked fine” really means.

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